Hismile: Say Hi to Smile!

Smiling is a lovely human attribute. It is the prettiest thing a person can do. If you find hindrance in showing your beautiful smile, then it is an abomination. Let us talk about a toothpaste that claims to provide peroxide free whitening of teeth by an Australian based brand called Hismile.

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Hismile V34 is made for people who are looking to further brighten their teeth post-whitening, or already have a very white tooth shade and don’t require a full treatment from the Teeth Whitening Kit.

Oxidizing tooth stains with PAP+ increases the lightness and reduces the saturation of yellow stains, whereas V34 balances the warm and cool tones (hue) in your teeth to reveal a more vibrant shade of white.

It comprises of Color correcting technology and Instant brightening effect with Non-invasive treatment.

How to use?

Simply apply the v34 Color Corrector to your toothbrush like a regular toothpaste, and brush. You can use V34 after a whitening treatment, daily, or before a big event for a brightness boost.

What is V34?

Hismile’s V34 is a non-invasive brightening treatment. V34 works to brighten teeth by using color correcting technology. V34 temporarily conceals stains and improves brightness.

V34 is not a chemical whitening treatment and doesn’t make any pertinent changes to your teeth, so it is safe to be used on dental work.

Why purple?

Purple is directly opposite of yellow on the color wheel and is therefore its complementary color, so a water-soluble purple dye is applied to your teeth to cancel out any yellow undertones. It neutralizes yellow undertones and makes your teeth bright with the shade of white.

What is PAP+?

It is a scientifically proven teeth whitening ingredient created by Hismile, that is a safe alternative to peroxide. The PAP+ formulation offers a whitening treatment that reduces the adverse effects from tooth bleaching.

customer demonstrating color of the product

It has no negative side effects during the oxidation of tooth stains, which allows it to effectively whiten without pain or sensitivity.

Review: Hismile v34 Color Corrector

A customer of Hismile V34 color corrector

Here are some pros and cons of this product based on customer reviews:


  • The product did brighten the user’s teeth over time.
  • It did not cause sensitivity or pain, unlike other whitening products.
  • Some users saw a visible difference in their teeth after using the product.
  • It is easy and quick to use, taking less than a minute.
  • One user noticed improvement in the first week and planned to continue using it for better results.


  • The product did not immediately whiten teeth as shown in the advertisement.
  • The teeth did not become as white as depicted in the advertisement.
  • The directions provided with the product were vague.
  • One user did not believe the product had any long-term benefits beyond immediate effects.

Overall, the reviews indicate that the product had varying degrees of success in whitening teeth, with some users seeing noticeable improvements and others not observing significant changes. The product’s effectiveness may depend on individual factors such as tooth condition and usage consistency.

PAP+ Whitening Strips

When you apply this to your teeth, each strip firmly sticks to the tooth surface and releases the active ingredients of the PAP+ formula into the tooth’s structure to provide fast whitening, desensitizing, and demineralizing benefits.

Stain Removal Bundle

The two-part iD Stain Eraser system identifies stains before they are visible, then to eliminates them in their tracks. For stubborn yellow stains, the V34 color corrector removes yellow tones, giving the appearance of whiter, brighter teeth.

lastly, yellow or not your smile is precious so don’t hide it and if you want to buy this product visit-https://int.hismileteeth.com/?rdr=1


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