Accomplishing the Quest of Healthy Skin with Vichy

At Vichy, it is firmly believed that health is of utmost importance and it all begins with the skin. Today, Vichy’s mission remains stronger than ever: to empower individuals of different ages and phototypes, both women and men, to decode and anticipate the evolving needs of their skin and scalp at every stage of life.

About Vichy

Dr. Prosper Haller founded Vichy Laboratoires in 1931, and dermatologists worldwide recommend the brand. The company is grounded in science and possesses dermatological expertise, all dedicated to a singular mission: the pursuit of skin health. Vichy approaches skin health by utilizing exposome science, which elucidates how everyday life affects our skin.

Factors such as our environment, lifestyle, habits, and hormonal variations all impact the biological function of the skin. Vichy actively supports the development of scientific knowledge and steadfastly commits to delivering state-of-the-art, dermatologist-grade solutions for a wide range of skin and scalp issues, driven by its integrative exposome science approach. This approach propels Vichy’s innovative anti-aging and dermatological haircare solutions, establishing them as pioneers in this field.

Their focus is on creating effective, safe, and dependable innovations that enhance the health of the skin, scalp, and hair, ultimately contributing to people’s well-being throughout their lives.

Bestsellers of Vichy: Reviews

Vichy “LiftActiv Supreme 1.5% Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum & Wrinkle Corrector

Vichy, the brand, offers an anti-aging serum designed for normal skin types. This serum has undergone clinical testing and has demonstrated visible results, reducing wrinkles by 47% and fine lines by 60% within a six-week period. It is intended for use on the face and is fragrance-free.


Positive Reviews:

  1. Ninja rated the product 5 out of 5 stars and mentioned that it smells great and feels great. They seem satisfied with the product.
  2. Petitegal also gave it a 5-star rating, stating that they enjoy the product and have seen results as mentioned on the packaging. They even prefer it over visiting a dermatologist.
  3. Karla Zastrow expressed their excitement in a 5-star review. They found that the product helped with fine lines, large pores, sunspots, and improved the overall appearance of their skin. They appreciated the lack of scent and the fresh, smooth feeling it left on their face.
  4. Darla LaDuke gave a 5-star rating and noted that it absorbs easily into the skin without leaving an oily residue, which is especially beneficial for their oily skin.
  5. Judith1972 also rated it 5 stars and expressed their satisfaction with how their face looks after using the product.
  6. Deborah Bettencourt mentioned in a 5-star review that the product soothes lines on the face and neck and has a slight nice fragrance.

Negative Reviews:

  1. Erica rated the product 3 out of 5 stars but couldn’t tell if there was any difference. They seem to be unsure about the product’s effectiveness.

Mineral 89 Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum and Mineral 89 Eyes Serum with Caffeine and Hyaluronic Acid

Positive Reviews:

  1. Paulina Vergara gave the product a 5-star rating, mentioning that it is a very good product for moisturizing the face and eye area. They appreciated that it absorbs quickly and does not leave a greasy feeling. They also suggested adding some protective padding to the package to prevent the products from hitting each other during shipping.
  2. Francisco Ramírez Rocha0721, a doctor studying aesthetic medicine, longevity, and anti-aging, highly recommended the cream. They’ve been using it for four months and have noticed significant improvements in reducing dark circles, depigmentation, and skin tightening. They also praised the moisturizing properties and the affordability of buying it on Amazon.
  3. Lisy M rated the product 4 out of 5 stars and mentioned that they use it in the morning before applying cream. They found it effective in boosting hydration, especially in drier areas of their face.
  4. Ariadna Rodriguez was pleased with the quick delivery of their order, which arrived in less than 24 hours. They also mentioned the excellent price and products.

LiftActiv B3 Niacinamide Serum, Discoloration Correcting Facial Serum with Peptides and Tranexamic Acid, Anti Aging Serum to Even Skin Tone, Fragrance Free

Positive Reviews:

  1. Yiyi Navarro gave a 5-star rating and described the product as having a liquid texture that matches well with their retinol serum. They noticed noticeable changes in their skin within a week and highly recommended it, especially for those with delicate and dry skin.
  2. Sundos abdoh appreciated the product’s hydrating properties and rated it 5 stars.
  3. Matt found the product effective for sun damage and rated it 5 stars.
  4. GGCC praised the product for providing brightness and a healthy glow to the skin. They noted that it may not eliminate specific dark spots entirely but can lighten them with consistent use. They gave it 5 stars and indicated that their dark circles were improving.
  5. Viviana simply stated that their skin looks much better after using the product and rated it positively.

Negative Reviews:

  1. Michelon rated the product 3 stars, mentioning that it works well as a hydrator but didn’t notice any difference in their spots after four weeks of use.
  2. Debbie Gray gave the product a 2-star rating and mentioned that they hadn’t seen any difference in their dark spots after using it.

Is Vichy a French Brand?

Dr. Haller, who discovered the therapeutic effects of Vichy Thermal Spa Water on the skin, founded the brand in 1931 in Vichy, France. The main ingredient in all Vichy formulations, volcanic water rich in 15 minerals, was found to soothe sensitive skin and accelerate the healing of surface wounds. To this day, the brand sources this main ingredient from that one location in Vichy.





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