Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez: Redefining Beauty with Purpose

Empowering Beauty with Purpose and Impact- Rare Beauty

In recent years, the beauty industry has witnessed a paradigm shift, as consumers increasingly seek brands that align with their values and embrace inclusivity. One such brand that has been making waves in the industry is Rare Beauty, founded by the multi-talented artist and philanthropist, Selena Gomez. Rare Beauty goes beyond the superficial, aiming to empower individuals and create a community where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued. In this article, we delve into the world of Rare Beauty, exploring its mission, values, and the impact it has had on the beauty industry and beyond.

Rare Beauty has a wide range of products and accessories as well

The Birth of Rare Beauty

Rare Beauty was born out of Selena Gomez’s desire to challenge societal beauty norms and celebrate individuality. Drawing inspiration from her personal journey, Gomez envisioned a brand that would foster self-acceptance and promote mental health. By naming the brand “Rare,” she aimed to remind people that their uniqueness is what makes them beautiful.

Rare Beauty was founded by Selena Gomez

Beauty with a Purpose

Rare Beauty is more than just a cosmetics brand; it is a platform for change. The brand recognizes the importance of mental health and has committed itself to destigmatizing the conversation around it. Through the Rare Impact Fund, Rare Beauty pledges to donate 1% of all sales to support mental health services, with the goal of raising $100 million over the next decade. This initiative highlights the brand’s dedication to creating a positive impact on the lives of others.

Inclusivity at its Core

One of the defining aspects of Rare Beauty is its commitment to inclusivity. The brand offers an extensive range of products that cater to diverse skin tones, ensuring that everyone can find their perfect match. Beyond shades, Rare Beauty promotes diversity in age, gender, and ability, recognizing that beauty knows no boundaries. By featuring models with a variety of backgrounds and experiences, the brand sets a new standard for representation within the beauty industry.

Rare Beauty is one of the most inclusive beauty brands in the industry

Empowering Through Self-expression

Rare Beauty understands that makeup is not just about enhancing physical features but also serves as a means of self-expression. With a carefully curated collection of high-quality products, the brand empowers individuals to embrace their creativity and experiment with different looks. From vibrant eyeshadow palettes to buildable foundations and weightless lip colors, Rare Beauty equips its customers with the tools they need to explore and celebrate their individuality.

Holistic Approach to Beauty

Rare Beauty embraces a holistic approach to beauty by prioritizing self-care and overall well-being. Alongside its makeup line, the brand offers a range of skincare products that nurture the skin and enhance its natural radiance. From a refreshing facial mist to a lightweight moisturizer, each product is carefully formulated to promote healthy and glowing skin, reflecting the brand’s belief that beauty starts from within.

Community and Connection

Rare Beauty has succeeded in creating a strong sense of community, both online and offline. Through its social media platforms and events, the brand fosters connections between individuals who share a passion for self-acceptance and empowerment. Rare Beauty’s emphasis on authenticity and vulnerability has resonated with countless individuals worldwide, inspiring them to embrace their unique qualities and uplift others along the way.

Rare Beauty’s best-selling products

Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation

  • Price Range: The Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation is typically priced between $29 to $38, depending on the retailer and region.
  • Reviews: The foundation has received predominantly positive reviews for its lightweight and buildable formula, catering to various skin tones with its inclusive shade range. However, some users with oily skin have reported that it may emphasize shine or require touch-ups throughout the day.
  • Popularity: The Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation has gained significant popularity, becoming one of Rare Beauty’s best-selling products. Its appeal lies in its ability to provide natural coverage while supporting the brand’s mission of inclusivity.


Customers have raved the light weight of this foundation and how it is very long lasting
They love the formula of the product and that it is travel friendly

Learn more about this product here:

Soft Pinch Liquid Blush

  • Price Range: The Soft Pinch Liquid Blush is typically priced between $20 to $26.
  • Reviews: This blush has garnered widespread acclaim for its blendable and buildable formula, offering a long-lasting natural flush of color. Some users with dry skin, however, have found the formula to be slightly drying.
  • Popularity: The Soft Pinch Liquid Blush has gained popularity for its versatile shades and easy application, making it a favorite among makeup enthusiasts seeking a dewy, youthful glow.


Customers have emphasised on the fact that a little dot of this product can go a long way
This product is a cult favourite

Learn more about this product here:

Perfect Strokes Matte Liquid Liner

  • Price Range: The Perfect Strokes Matte Liquid Liner is typically priced between $19 to $22.
  • Reviews: The liner has received positive reviews for its precise application and long-lasting, smudge-proof formula. However, some users have reported that the formula can dry out quickly, leading to difficulties in achieving a smooth application.
  • Popularity: The Perfect Strokes Matte Liquid Liner has garnered popularity for its ease of use and intense black pigmentation, making it a staple in many makeup routines.


Although customers raved the formulation, many of them complained about receiving broken or damaged products
They loved the precision of the liner and its fine tip

Learn more about the product here:

Stay Vulnerable Melting Cream Blush

  • Price Range: The Stay Vulnerable Melting Cream Blush is typically priced between $21 to $26.
  • Reviews: This blush has been widely praised for its blendability and natural, dewy finish. However, some users with oily skin have experienced fading or transfer issues throughout the day.
  • Popularity: The Stay Vulnerable Melting Cream Blush has become a sought-after product due to its creamy texture and ability to create a healthy, radiant look.


Customers absolutely love how pocket friendly this product is
Reviews rave about the high pigmentation of this product
Although many love the product, they have received broken or damaged pieces

Learn more about the product here:

Soft Pinch Tinted Lip Oil

  • Price Range: The Tinted Lip Oil is typically priced between $16 to $20.
  • Reviews: The lip oil has received positive reviews for its lightweight and nourishing formula, offering a subtle wash of color and hydration to the lips. Some users have mentioned that the packaging can be prone to breakage or difficulty in dispensing the product evenly.
  • Popularity: The Tinted Lip Oil has gained popularity as a versatile lip product. It combines the benefits of a lip balm and a lip gloss, making it a go-to choice for you.


Customers love how tinted and moisturising the product is
They love the formulation

Learn more about the product here:

Rare Impact by Rare Beauty

Rare Impact by Rare Beauty is a groundbreaking initiative that demonstrates the brand’s commitment to addressing mental health challenges and creating meaningful change. The brand recognizes the importance of mental well-being and the impact it has on individuals’ lives. It has taken on the mission of destigmatizing and improving access to mental health resources.

The Rare Impact Fund

At the heart of Rare Impact is the Rare Impact Fund, an initiative dedicated to raising funds and driving positive change in the field of mental health. Rare Beauty pledges to donate 1% of all sales, as well as funds raised through community-driven campaigns and partnerships, to support organizations that provide vital mental health services.

The Goal

Rare Beauty has set an ambitious goal to raise $100 million over the course of the next decade through the Rare Impact Fund. This substantial commitment demonstrates the brand’s unwavering dedication to making a significant and lasting impact on the mental health landscape.

Amplifying the Conversation

Rare Beauty recognizes that breaking the silence surrounding mental health is crucial to destigmatizing the topic. By leveraging its platform and influence, the brand actively engages in raising awareness and fostering open conversations around mental well-being. Through social media campaigns, partnerships with mental health organizations, Rare Beauty amplifies the conversation and encourages others to join the movement.


Rare Beauty’s dedication to empowering beauty with purpose and impact has revolutionized the beauty industry. Through its diverse and inclusive product range, the brand has encouraged self-expression and self-acceptance, fostering a community where everyone feels seen and valued. Moreover, Rare Beauty’s commitment to mental health advocacy through the Rare Impact Fund showcases its determination to create positive change beyond the realm of cosmetics. As Selena Gomez’s brainchild, Rare Beauty serves as a beacon of hope, inspiring us all to embrace our uniqueness and work towards a world where beauty is a powerful force for positive transformation.


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