Rovectin as a Skincare Brand

Rovectin, a Korean brand, has a mission to provide health-conscious consumers with daily skincare products containing the same transformative, high-quality ingredients found in their Anti-Irritant line for hospitals.

Their journey began with the development of the Anti-irritant Barrier Repair Ultra Cream, an ultimate hydrating and soothing cream that restores the skin from within. Using these same restorative and high-quality ingredients, they created the Skin Essentials line for everyone, aiming to promote strength, self-confidence, and clean, healthy living.

Rovectin became the most trusted skincare brand in Korea, recognized for their exclusive formula, Rovectin Repair Complex, by both patients and healthcare facilities, including hospitals and dermatologists. Their products are specially formulated to soothe and revitalize the most sensitive skin, and they are entirely free from any irritating or potentially harmful ingredients, ensuring they are toxin-free.

About Rovectin

 Mr. Sungsoo Lee is the Founder of Rovectin. The meaningful name, Rovectin, originated from the Latin word “reverti,” which means “to return back to where it was.” At its core, Rovectin’s journey is rooted in love and resilience.

Rovectin’s story began when a brother simply wanted to assist his sister in restoring her severely damaged skin from chemotherapy. To address the most common side-effects like extreme dryness and skin barrier deterioration from cancer treatment, the Anti-irritant Barrier Repair Ultra Cream was developed.

Almost instantly, Rovectin gained the trust of patients, dermatologists, and hospitals across Korea with its exclusive formula – Rovectin Repair Complex™. It grew into a simple yet vibrant brand with a focus on creating high-quality skincare products inspired by nature and known for their restorative qualities.

Rovectin believes in the importance of feeling confident and comfortable in one’s own skin. They understand that facing the world daily should not be complicated. With Rovectin, individuals can experience simple, safe, and effective skincare that’s ready to face each day with them. The aim is clear skin, a healthy mind, and a strong heart, allowing people to refresh and relaunch themselves every day.

Rovectin views skincare as a journey. They recognize that true and long-lasting transformation takes time, effort, and diligence. They emphasize that skincare is a form of self-care, a lifelong journey. Rovectin’s approach is to gradually revitalize the skin, going beyond the surface, with their cleansers, creams, lotions, and oils.

For Rovectin, ingredients matter. They promise to help individuals achieve healthy, natural skin regardless of their skin type, whether it’s sensitive, super-sensitive, dry, oily, combination, or acne-prone. Their commitment is to “Clean Like You,” which means formulating products without unnecessary additives and using only essential ingredients. They emphasize a continuous learning process from their customers to develop skincare products that are safe for everyone, contributing to the restoration of healthy skin.

Analyzing the Products of Rovectin with Reviews

Clean Lotus Water Cream

Rovectin Clean Lotus Water Cream is a gentle moisturizer that improves the appearance and hydrates the skin using only natural ingredients for individuals with sensitive and dry skin.

Key Ingredients: The cream primarily contains Lotus water extract, constituting 75% of its content. Lotus water extract possesses an impressive self-purifying capability. Despite originating in mud, the lotus flower elegantly blossoms due to its unique ability to self-purify and cleanse. With a high concentration of lotus flower extract, Rovectin Clean Lotus Water Cream effectively draws out harmful toxins from the skin, promoting a clearer and healthier complexion. Additionally, the cream contains Kaempferol, a well-known antioxidant with the ability to restore balance and offer anti-aging properties.

Here are some pros and cons of the product according to customer reviews:


  1. Lightweight and Hydrating: Users appreciate that Rovectin Clean Lotus Water Cream is a lightweight, watery-textured cream that provides hydration without feeling heavy on the skin.
  2. Suitable for Sensitive Skin: Many users with sensitive skin have found this cream to be gentle and non-irritating. It doesn’t cause stinging or irritation, even for individuals with sensitive skin.
  3. No Detectable Scent: Users like that this cream has no detectable scent, making it suitable for those who prefer fragrance-free products.
  4. Good for Various Skin Types: Reviewers mention that it’s suitable for a range of skin types, particularly for combination to oily skin.
  5. Effective Hydration: Users note that it effectively hydrates the skin and absorbs well without leaving a sticky residue.


Customer demonstrating half empty bottle
  1. Product Quantity: Some users have mentioned that they feel the product container is not fully filled, which they find disappointing given the product’s price. They feel that it could contain more product for the price.
  2. Drying for Some Skin Areas: A few users with combination skin have reported that while it works well overall, it can leave drier areas feeling slightly drier by the end of the day.

Activating Treatment Lotion 

Rovectin Activating Treatment Lotion combines the functions of a powerful toner and essence to hydrate the skin, resulting in a more youthful and supple appearance. This product acts as an anti-aging barrier repair complex, moisturizing the skin like a hyaluronic acid lotion, while also evening out texture and neutralizing free radicals with potent antioxidants.

Here are some pros and cons of the product according to customer reviews:


A happy customer
  1. Suitable for various skin types, including dry, oily, and sensitive skin.
  2. Lightweight and non-greasy formula.
  3. Hydrating and moisturizing, leaving the skin feeling refreshed.
  4. Clean ingredients with no fragrance or irritants.
  5. Effective for addressing acne scars and hyperpigmentation.
  6. Good value for the price.
  7. EWG verified for clean and safe ingredients.


  1. May not pair well with certain other skincare products, potentially leaving the skin feeling oily when used together.
  2. Some users may prefer it to be more foolproof in terms of application.
  3. The tube size is not travel-friendly.
  4. Some users experienced initial dryness when not applying it to wet skin.
  5. May require experimenting to find the right skincare routine when using this product.

Conditioning Cleanser

This gentle foaming facial cleanser effectively eliminates impurities while preserving the skin’s innate moisture barrier. It also sustains an ideal pH level of 5.7, closely resembling the skin’s optimal range of 4.5-6.5, thus averting the depletion of the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

A happy Customer

This facial cleanser is fantastic for sensitive skin. It’s ideal for use as a second cleanse in the evening, effectively removing any remaining dirt, sebum, or sunscreen from the day. The best part is that it doesn’t leave the skin feeling tight after cleansing; instead, it leaves it feeling clean and refreshed. The texture of the cleanser, which is a liquid gel type, is also quite enjoyable. I highly recommend it.

However, it’s worth noting that some users have experienced changes in the product’s consistency and color over time. While it initially had a clear and slightly thick texture, some users have received a product that is more watery and yellowish. This change in consistency could potentially be due to variations in the manufacturing process. Additionally, some users with very dry skin have found that the cleanser left their skin feeling slightly dry after use.

Aqua Soothing Sun Cream

It refreshes and hydrates the skin while delivering ample moisture, offering ultra-hydration and sun protection.

Zinc Oxide serves as a mirror, dispersing UV rays, and Titanium Dioxide acts as a shield, blocking UV rays. Together, they effectively block both UVA and UVB rays across a broad spectrum.

Here are some pros and cons of the product according to customer reviews:


  1. Good SPF 50 sunscreen.
  2. Offers moisturizing features.
  3. Contains UVA and UVB zinc oxide sunblock.
  4. Paraben-free.


  1. Relatively high price at $18 per fluid ounce.
  2. Tube label not in English, making it necessary to check ingredients online.

Rovectin Face Toner

It helps in restoring and repairing the skin’s natural moisture barrier while lifting away dead skin cells. The skin is revitalized by the plant-based antioxidant madecassoside, which also reduces the appearance of scars and dark spots. Powerful antioxidants in Houttuynia Cortada and centella asiatica work to reduce inflammation and strengthen the skin.

Here are some pros and cons of the product according to customer reviews:


  • Makes skin smooth and fresh.
  • Helps clear acne and heal hyperpigmentation.
  • Gentle but effective.
  • Soothes and calms sensitive skin.
  • Strengthens and makes skin healthier.





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