Tula Skincare: Brand Review

TULA, a top probiotic skincare and wellness brand, leads the industry by offering innovative products driven by probiotic extracts and superfoods. Their products are known for their dual qualities of being both clean and clinically effective.

As a digitally native and social-first brand, they actively engage their customers at every interaction, helping them cultivate confidence in their skin and facilitating the journey towards a healthy balance, both inside and out.

History of Tula Skincare

Dr. Roshini Raj, TULA’s founder, practices as a gastroenterologist and boasts degrees from Harvard and New York University. With over two decades of dedication to exploring the potential of probiotics in both beauty and wellness, she’s a true trailblazer.

Dr. Raj, a true superwoman who’s always on the move, once even attended a TULA board meeting in scrubs following an early morning surgery. Beyond her medical career, she’s an entrepreneur, medical editor, mom, health correspondent, and author, with her latest book, “Gut Renovation,” hitting the shelves in 2022.

Her journey began with a lightbulb moment when she witnessed the transformative impact of probiotics in both natural diets and supplements on her patients’ overall health. They not only experienced improved well-being but also noticed a remarkable glow in their skin.

In 2014, Dr. Raj took her insights and launched TULA, leveraging her medical expertise to revolutionize skincare and empower her patients to regain their self-assurance.

Fast forward to today: TULA’s philosophy is crystal clear. They reject the notion that you must compromise between healthy ingredients and effectiveness. Their approach to formulation is straightforward: they rely on research and clinical studies to decide what makes the cut in their products. Moreover, TULA strives to guide individuals towards discovering their own healthy, balanced lifestyles, a mission reflected in their name, which means ‘balance’ in Sanskrit.

Tula Skincare: Product Review

Hydrating Day & Night Cream

This whipped moisturizer provides deep hydration, revitalizing dull and fatigued skin. It’s designed to be lightweight for daytime use, even under makeup, while also delivering deep hydration during the night.

Pros of the Tula 24-7 Moisture Hydrating Day and Night Cream:

  1. Long-Lasting: Users report that the cream lasts for a considerable period, often exceeding six months, which makes it cost-effective.
  2. Suitable for Sensitive Skin: Several reviewers with sensitive skin praise the cream for not causing breakouts or irritation.
  3. Hydrating: Users note that the cream effectively moisturizes the skin, leaving it feeling smooth and soft.
  4. Lightweight: The cream is described as light and not oily, making it suitable for both day and night use.
  5. Scent: It has a subtle scent, which many users find pleasant.
  6. Positive Results: Many customers report improved skin texture and a healthier appearance after using the product.

Cons of the Tula 24-7 Moisture Hydrating Day and Night Cream:

Customer demonstrating that the product is not fit for sensitive skin
  1. Price: Some users find the product relatively expensive, especially given its size.
  2. Lack of Sunscreen: It doesn’t contain sunscreen, which may be a drawback for those looking for a multi-purpose moisturizer with sun protection.
  3. Size: A few users wish the product came in a larger size, as they found the 1.5 oz container to be relatively small.
  4. Price Variability: Some users mention fluctuations in the product’s price on Amazon, which can be a concern for budget-conscious consumers.

TULA Skincare Brightening Treatment DropsTriple Vitamin C Serum

Pros of the Tula Triple Vitamin C Serum:

  1. Skin Improvement: Many users report that the serum has helped their skin to glow and feel softer.
  2. Effective for Hyperpigmentation: Some customers have noted that the serum effectively reduces dark spots and pigmentation on their skin.
  3. Quick Results: One user mentioned that it helped clear pimple marks within a short period of 4-5 days.
  4. Brightening: Several customers have seen improvements in the brightness of their skin.
  5. Positive Impact: Users with dark spots and dark circles have experienced a significant change in their skin’s appearance.

Cons of the Tula Triple Vitamin C Serum:

  1. Quantity Concerns: A couple of customers have reported issues with the quantity of the product, suggesting that it seemed to run out faster than expected. One user even suspected that their bottle might have been previously used and returned.
  2. Texture Issues: There was a complaint about the serum arriving with a thickened and gloopy texture, making it difficult to dispense using the dropper.
  3. Shipping Issue: A user mentioned difficulties with shipping options, indicating that they had to pay for shipping even though they would have preferred free shipping.
  4. Cost: Some customers find the cost of the serum relatively high compared to the perceived results.

TULA Skincare Eye Balm Rose Glow

This firming peptide and collagen eye balm deeply hydrates the skin and diminishes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness. Additionally, it brightens the eyes with the help of caffeine, apple, and watermelon, which work to firm and enhance the look of eye puffiness at any time of day.

Pros of the Brightening Eye Cream:

  1. Effective for Dark Circles: Many users have reported significant improvements in their dark circles, even in cases of hereditary dark circles.
  2. Not Cakey: Unlike some concealers, this product is not cakey, and it allows for the application of concealer over it without a heavy or cakey appearance.
  3. Long-Lasting: Users have noted that the cooling effect of the product lasts for a substantial period, providing ongoing comfort.
  4. Visible Results: Some customers have seen noticeable lightening of their under-eye circles after consistent use.
  5. Smooth Application: The cream goes on smoothly, making it easy to incorporate into a beauty routine.
  6. Hydrating: It helps to hydrate the under-eye area.

Cons of the Brightening Eye Cream:

  1. Not a Brightener for Everyone: While the product effectively cools and hydrates, a few users noted that it may not work as a brightener for everyone, especially in comparison to products specifically designed for brightening.

TULA Skincare “Protect + Glow Daily Sunscreen Gel Broad Spectrum SPF 30

Apply this SPF 30 sunscreen by TULA Skincare daily in the mornings after moisturizing to shield your skin from the harmful effects of sun rays, pollution, and blue light while achieving a radiant, dewy complexion. Remember to reapply it every 2 hours throughout the day for continued protection.

Pros of the TULA Protect + Glow Daily Sunscreen Gel:

Customer impressed by the moisturizing qualities of the product
  1. Gives a Radiant Glow: Many users love the TULA Skin Care’s radiant glow it imparts to their skin.
  2. Perfect Sunscreen Level: Users appreciate that it provides the right amount of sunscreen protection.
  3. Lightweight and Non-Greasy: It’s light and non-greasy, making it suitable for various skin types, including oily skin.
  4. Broad Spectrum SPF 30: Provides broad-spectrum SPF 30 protection against harmful UV rays.
  5. Protection Against Pollution and Blue Light: It offers additional protection against pollution and blue light, ideal for those who spend extended periods in front of screens.
  6. Reef-Safe and Non-Comedogenic: Users value its reef-safe formula and non-comedogenic properties, ensuring it won’t clog pores or harm the environment.
  7. No White Cast: The formula is easily absorbed and doesn’t leave a white cast or residue on the skin.

Cons of the TULA Protect + Glow Daily Sunscreen Gel:

  1. Price: Some users find the product a bit pricey, but they still consider it worth the investment for the level of protection it offers.

Supersize Cult Classic Purifying Face Cleanser

This foaming gel cleanser deeply penetrates pores, eliminating impurities, and aids in skin conditioning, all without causing stripping or excessive dryness. It features our signature probiotics to provide a gentle and nourishing effect, leaving the skin looking balanced and well-nourished.

A happy customer

Pros of the TULA Cleanser:

  1. Effective Cleansing: Users have found TULA Skincare cleanser to be highly effective in removing impurities and cleansing the skin.
  2. Non-Drying: Unlike some cleansers, this product does not strip the skin or cause excessive dryness.
  3. Suitable for Acne-Prone Skin: Many users with acne-prone skin have had positive experiences with this cleanser, as it doesn’t cause breakouts.
  4. Healing and Pigmentation Reduction: Some users have observed that their skin has improved in terms of healing and pigmentation reduction after using this product.
  5. Progressive Results: Users have noted visible progress in their skin in a relatively short time.
  6. Gentle for Double Cleansing: It’s gentle enough for double cleansing, both in the morning and at night.
  7. Teen-Friendly: Teenagers have also found success with this cleanser, especially those dealing with hormonal skin issues.
  8. Long-Lasting: A little goes a long way, so the product lasts for an extended period.

Cons of the TULA Cleanser:

  1. Scent: Some users mentioned the scent as neither particularly good nor bad, indicating it may not have a strong or appealing fragrance for everyone.
  2. Drying for Some: While most users found it non-drying, a few individuals with drier skin types felt it could be slightly drying.

How long does it take to see results from TULA?

While it’s generally considered standard to anticipate waiting at least 30-60 days for results, an immediate difference was noticeable with the Tula Purifying Face Cleanser. The typical post-wash dryness associated with face washes was conspicuously absent.





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