Unleashing the Magic of Story Time Chess

A Game-Changer for Young Chess Enthusiasts

Chess is renowned for encouraging analytical thinking, problem-solving, and strategic planning. It might be challenging to teach chess to young children, though. Here comes Story Time Chess, a ground-breaking instructional tool that fuses the power of narrative with the age-old game of chess.

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What is Story Time Chess Standard?

The Story Time Chess Standard is a complete chess set made with young children in mind. Each chess piece is introduced in the accompanying colourful and exquisitely designed tale as a distinct character with a unique personality and past. Children learn chess in a more interesting and entertaining way thanks to this interactive method.

A sturdy gaming board and tough plastic chess pieces that are just the right size for little hands are included in the set. The board is a useful option for both home and vacation use because it simply folds up for simple storage. Through immersive narrative, Story Time Chess Standard helps kids get a deeper understanding and appreciation for the game of chess in addition to learning the moves and rules.

Customers love how interactive the product is

Does this chess set Work?

Parents, teachers, and kids all praise Story Time Chess as a great educational tool. The success of this cutting-edge teaching strategy has received several positive reviews and testimonies. Chess is a fun game to learn because of the interesting characters and their own stories.

The game set’s high quality, including its sturdy pieces and well-made board, is appreciated by parents. Children may study at their own pace with the storybook’s clear directions and step-by-step advancement, delivering a positive and self-confidence-boosting experience.

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It is a great product to teach kids

Does Story Time Chess Teach Strategy?

Absolutely! Children learn the fundamental chess moves and regulations through Story Time Chess, as well as the basic ideas of strategy. Children get the ability to plan ahead, make decisions, and foresee the tactics of their opponents. Further, they refine their problem-solving skills and cultivate critical thinking as they move through the tale. Lastly, it also encourages kids to consider the game strategically by portraying the game as a narrative experience.

Who Made Story Time Chess?

Bryce Avery and Patrick Riley invented the brand. By fusing their passion for chess and for storytelling, they had the vision to make chess approachable and interesting for young kids. They created a special curriculum that effortlessly combines the game of chess with gripping storylines, drawing on their experiences as chess coaches. Therefore, the result is the Story Time Chess set, which has won praise for its avant-garde method of chess instruction.

Shop this product on Amazon.com
Several customers have praised the quality of the product


The Story Time Chess set has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers. They praise the set for its ability to teach children how to play chess in a fun and engaging way. Furthermore, the colorful and well-illustrated storybook, which introduces each chess piece as a unique character, helps children understand the rules and strategies of the game. Moreover, the quality of the pieces and the game board is also highly appreciated, with durable materials and a convenient folding design. Additionally, customers recommend their chess set as a valuable educational tool that provides hours of entertainment for the whole family.

However, there were a few negative reviews. They mentioned issues like missing pages in the book, a ripped game board, and flimsy cardboard pieces. Some customers felt that the set didn’t provide a complete game experience.

In conclusion, this chess set has revolutionised the way young children learn and engage with the game of chess. Through its interactive storytelling approach, this educational tool effectively teaches chess rules, strategies, and critical thinking skills. The high-quality components and positive reviews highlight its effectiveness as a fun and engaging learning tool for children. Nevertheless, despite a few isolated issues, the overall impact of Story Time Chess is undeniably impressive, making it a game-changer for young chess enthusiasts.

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